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Background & Mission

The westbury bank Charitable Foundation was established on April 9, 2013 through an initial donation by Westbury Bancorp, Inc. of $1,000,000 in furtherance of our commitment to the betterment of our local community. This independent private foundation will continue the well-established and proud tradition of westbury bank as a leader in enhancing and supporting the quality of life in our neighborhoods in which we operate our community-based banking branches. Each calendar year the Foundation will distribute at least 5% of its total assets. It is our desire that recipients of our grants will continue to share in the Bank’s long term growth and success, and our goal of being a good neighbor.

Foundation Goals and Priorities

The westbury bank Charitable Foundation seeks to fund initiatives in: Washington and Waukesha counties - that will leave a positive and lasting change in those communities, provide services to less fortunate and enhance quality of life for all residents.  The areas of priority will be as follows:

  • Community Development
    Of great interest to the foundation are opportunities to support initiatives that are catalysts for economic development or to enhance the overall quality of life in our banking communities for the entire population.
  • Affordable Housing
    Programs that provide or encourage the creation of affordable housing in our communities.
  • Health and Human Services
    Programs that are essential to the underlying medical care of the Community, as well as initiatives that focus on physical and mental wellness. 
  • Education
    Initiatives at the primary, secondary and post-secondary school levels that raise the aspirations of students in the Community and enhance knowledge in specific areas such as economics, communications, business and public speaking, as well as initiatives that support the education process.
  • Youth Programs
    Programs that assist in improving the quality of life for children in the community or programs that foster education, learning and leadership.





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