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Community Involvement

How could we call ourselves a Community Bank without contributing to the community?

Committed to Community Growth

Westbury was born and raised in Washington County. Our goal is to stay rooted in our Wisconsin communities by building strong personal and business customer relationships. The products and services we provide are designed to support the growth of the local economy. Our success is tied to the success of the communities we serve.

We want to highlight some of the outstanding businesses and organizations that we have the privilege of serving. What better way to draw attention to them than to showcase their awesomeness in a video!?

We'd love to get to know you or your business better. Let's talk!

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Community Focused

While we’ve got nothing against big banks and their purposes, our whole reason for being is to serve the communities we’re in. Not just with banking products, but with things that help make the whole community stronger. Whether it means sponsoring and participating in local events. Donating time and resources to schools, clothing/food drives or other charitable causes. Or supporting the local Chamber of Commerce and Rotary groups.

And in true community banking spirit, each of our branches is free to support and organize efforts for its own local causes. That’s because we don’t just work in the towns we serve. We live there too. And helping out is simply what a good neighbor does.

Some of our most important work happens outside business hours.


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