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Cash Management

Financial management solution to support your business

westbury bank's Cash Management is our solution to improve your cash flow and assist in day to day financial management of your business accounts.

Our customizable program will give you the ability to view balances, transactions, previous statements, cleared checks and make transfers for all of your westbury bank accounts. Our customers can perform consolidated balance and transaction reporting on all of your accounts. A daily snapshot is available whenever you want, for the time period you specify.

You also have the ability to set up non-signers to have access to the program, and you can control how much information they have access to.

Integrate your account data into your accounting system with easy to use export features.

Just a few other features of our Cash Management product:

  • Receive, view and print custom-formatted reports provided by westbury bank.
  • Choose from a wide variety of reports and save them for future use. Great for cleared checks, deposit reporting and more.
  • Initiate electronic payments and collections with the click of a mouse. Some of these (Automated Clearing House) transactions could be: Direct Deposit or payroll, insurance premiums, collection of dues, vendor payments, tax payments and others you wish to add.
  • Conduct all of your online banking.

Cash Management is offered for $75 per month. To find out more, please contact your local branch, or our Business Banking Specialist at 262-439-3344 today!

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