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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Online Account Application

Q: How long will it take me to complete the application?

A: This will depend on how prepared you are with the information required to complete the application. On average, it should take about eight minutes. 

Q: How do I go back to a previous page?

A: To go back to a previous page, click the PREVIOUS button at the bottom of the page. The Progress navigation menu on the left side of the screen will confirm the page you are on. Please do NOT hit the back button on the web browser.

Q: Why am I required to complete certain fields?

A: Some fields are required because it is information needed to complete the application and establish accounts with westbury bank. Required fields are noted with a red asterisk symbol (*) next to each field.

Q: How do I move to the next page?

A: Most pages will have a Continue button located at the bottom of the page; click this button to go to the next page. In some cases, you may be presented with a Disclosure that will prompt you to accept or decline. If you click the Decline button, you will be advised that you cannot continue with the application unless the Accept button is clicked.

Q: Can I open more than one account at a time?

A: Yes. Only one account will be funded until processed.

Q: If I have to step away from filling out the online application or there’s a delay before I can return to it, how much time do I have before the session times out?

A: The period of inactivity is set at 10 minutes before the session times out. If the session times out, start a new application from the beginning.

Q: What if I accidentally close my browser or click the Quit This Application link?

A: The application cannot be re-accessed over the Internet. Start a new application from the beginning.

Q: Who do I contact if I need assistance with completing the online application?

A: Please call us at 1.800.924.7309 and a service representative will be happy to help.


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