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Security – A Top Priority

Debit Card Security

To protect your account, we monitor your debit card transactions for potentially fraudulent activity which may include a sudden change in locale (such as when a U.S. - issued card is used unexpectedly overseas), a sudden string of costly purchases, or any pattern associated with new fraud trends around the world.

To help protect you:

  • Please note that your debit card has our Zero Liability Protection. Meaning, you are not liable for any unauthorized transactions you report to Westbury Bank.
  • To help stop fraudulent charges, Westbury Bank utilizes sophisticated fraud-monitoring tools to oversee account transactions and detect suspicious activity.
  • We will call you to verify transactions if we notice any suspicious activity on your debit card. We do send emails to customers to have them call us when we aren't able to contact them by phone. If we are unable to contact with you, we will block the card to prevent further fraud until we are able to verify your transactions.

Here’s what you can do:

Be diligent in monitoring transaction activity on your account and contact us immediately if you identify any fraudulent transactions.

  • Use Online Banking or Mobile Banking to monitor your account for any unauthorized transactions.
  • Contact us if you plan to travel outside of the U.S.
  • Unless absolutely required for a legitimate business purpose, avoid giving out your:
    • Address and Zip code
    • Phone Number
    • Date of birth
    • Social Security Number
    • Card or account number
    • Card expiration date
  • Keep your contact information updated. 
  • Contact us if you notice any suspicious activity on your account at 1.800.679.8287.
Your security is our top priority and we take extra measures to help protect you.


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