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What if a bank actually had a personality?

Welcome to what if.

We’re a bank. But guess what. We’re people first. Hopefully, the kind of people you’d like to interact with. We’re fun loving. We’re respectful. And we’re dang good at what we do.

And yes, every bank has to have a website. But bankers aside, how many people want to read pages and pages about a bank? Blech! You’ve got better things to do, and not enough time to do them.

So we’ve designed this site to hit some touchpoints, show what we can offer, and assure you that we have every financial product you could need to make your life run a little smoother. And because we’re a true community bank…in the community, for the community…we also offer that intangible quality of genuine customer service. We love sitting down with customers in person.

Prefer to stay at arm’s length and handle things remotely? That’s cool too. We can make it easy.

Who We Are

Right Size Banking

Large banks offer a lot of products and services, but customers are usually lost in the shuffle. Smaller banks offer better customer service but fewer locations and limited products. We believe there should be a happy medium.

That’s us. Our approach is pretty simple: we treat you like our neighbor and serve you better because we ARE your neighbors. The money is earned in the community and re-invested in the community. And our decisions are made at our community branches, not some corporate office out of the state.
Not that we have anything against other states, but, well, you know…

We Love Where We Work

Our employees have voted Westbury Bank a Top Work Place for six years in a row! That can't be a coincidence. We love where we work because of who we work for: our customers and ourselves. You should visit one of our locations and see for yourself. In the meantime, here's a video for your viewing pleasure.

Mission Statement

It’s some kind of unwritten law that every business has to have a mission statement. We sometimes take ours for granted, because we live it every day:

Our mission is to meet our goals by helping our customers, our communities, our people, and our shareholders meet theirs - and to enjoy the journey.

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