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What if you had a checking account designed just for you?

With so many choices of checking accounts, we’re pretty darn sure we have one that fits your exact needs. All of these great accounts offer FREE Online Banking, e-Statements, Account Debit Card, Mobile Banking, and 24 Hour Telephone Banking.

Current Deposit Rates

WB Rewards

As the name implies, this check-licious account rewards you with earned interest and unlimited ATM reimbursements no matter whose ATM machine you use. Boom, drop the mic.

  • Competitive interest rate paid on balances up to $15,000*
  • ALL ATM fees everywhere will be reimbursed*
*Qualifications per monthly statement cycle:
  • Fifteen (15) debit card purchase transactions
  • One (1) Direct Deposit or Automatic Debit
  • Must log into Online Banking or Mobile Banking account at least once per month
  • Must be enrolled to receive monthly e-Statements

(If qualifications are met, standard interest rate will be paid on balances over $15,000. If not met, a $2.00 monthly service fee and standard interest rate on entire balance will apply.)

WB Checking

Whether you're opening your first checking account or your whatevereth (we totally made up that word), WB Checking is a great personal checking account with great features:

  • NO minimum balance requirement
  • No monthly service fees
  • No hassles

WB Checking Plus

Earn a competitive tiered interest rate on this easy going account.

It’s not called “Plus” for nothing. It offers all the features you want from a checking account, plus a competitive interest rate tiered according to your monthly balance.

  • Unlimited check writing and transfers
  • A minimum average monthly balance of $5,000.00 waives the monthly service fee of $5.95.

Totally Free Small Business Checking

Yeah, yeah, we know this isn’t technically a “personal checking account” but your small business is personal to you so we’re breaking the rules here. Whether it’s your dream venture or a side hustle that your spouse can’t understand, we’re here to help.

Designed for those businesses that process less than 500 items per month.

  • No minimum balance
  • No monthly service fee
  • No problem

All Accounts come with the same great benefits!

  • Free Debit MasterCard
  • Free Online Banking
  • Free E-statements
  • Free Mobile Banking
  • Free Bill Pay
  • Free Awesome Customer Service

We’re not the only bank to offer a range of checking accounts, but we’re uniquely skilled at helping you determine the one that fits you best. We also make switching your checking account to Westbury a lot easier than you might think. Find out what we mean by calling us or visiting a branch.


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