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Commercial Loans

What if there was a loan made specifically for your business?

At westbury bank, business banking is a critical part of the portfolio; it is just as important for the bank's business model, as it is for the bank's desire to represent the community that it serves. We do not seek only the largest businesses in the area. We seek those businesses that feel a sense of responsibility to the communities in which they are located, and have a vested interest in sustaining. We take pride in securing business from institutions with a shared vision for local support and development. Please call 262.439.3344 if you are interested in a speaking with someone about our commercial products.

Commercial Real Estate Loans

Loans made to finance existing commercial real estate. Various types of commercial real estate include:

  • Owner occupied
  • Investment Real Estate - Commercial
  • Investment Real Estate - Residential


Commercial Operating Loans

Equipment Term Loan

  • Used to finance equipment purchases. Authorization on the loan will typically coincide with the useful life of equipment being financed.

Line of Credit

  • Used to provide working capital typically used to purchase inventory and/or pay operating expenses until accounts receivable are collected.


New Construction Financing

Construction financing will typically be repaid on an interest-only basis for the duration of development with a provision for more permanent financing upon completion of the project.


SBA Programs


  • The SBA 504 program is used to provide a long term fixed rate financing option. The program is applicable to new and existing businesses, expansions, and acquisitions.
  • Eligible uses of funds include land, buildings, equipment, leasehold improvements, and eligible soft costs.
  • Minimum borrower equity contribution of 10% required. Financial institution provides 50% and the remaining 40% is provided by the SBA.


  • The SBA 7(a) program provides a loan guarantee, up to 80%, to the lending financial institution that would otherwise be unable to provide conventional financing because of lack of collateral.
  • Eligible projects include start-ups, expansions, acquisitions, and operational expenses.
  • Funds can be used for, but are not limited to land, buildings, equipment, and inventory.
  • Maximum total loan size of $5,000,000.


  • westbury bank is a certified SBA Express program lending institution.
  • The SBA Express program performs the same basic function as the 7(a) program however the process is somewhat expedited with several small variations.
  • Variations include the SBA guaranteed portion is lower, 50%, in the Express program and the maximum loan size is $1,000,000.
  • The lending institution is able to make their own credit decisions rather than obtaining SBA approval.



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