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Security - Common Scams

What if a bank gave you the skinny on what fraud we see most often? Welcome to the fraud squad.

Feeling uneasy about a financial transaction or conversation? Give us a call or stop in to see us! We're smellin' what you're steppin' in. I mean, we completely understand and are here to help. Our bank staff has the unique opportunity to help you uncover fraud attempts in your everyday banking. We ask questions to identify possible red flags and ensure your finances are protected. Here are some of the most common fraud schemes we've uncovered at your local branch. 

Learn more about fraud and scams at one of our community fraud seminars!

Check Fraud

In a check fraud scam, someone you don’t know will ask you to deposit a check and send a portion of the money to another person. The check you are asked to deposit is usually for more than you expected, sometimes by thousands of dollars. Most of the time there is a good story to explain why you can’t keep all of the money – payment for taxes or fees you owe, the purchase of supplies, or the claim of an honest mistake.

Our bank staff is trained to ask questions about unusual transactions to help protect you from check fraud scams. We may ask for more information about where the check came from or why you are sending money back. This is because it can take weeks to discover a check to be fraudulent by which time the scammer has any money you sent back, and you are stuck in the lurch.

Learn more about check fraud scams.

How to Spot, Avoid, and Report Fake Check Scams

Gift Card Fraud

If someone asks you to pay for something by putting the money on a gift card and to send them the numbers on the back of the card, they’re trying to scam you. There is no agency or legitimate business that will ever tell you to make a payment using gift cards. Just remember, gift cards are for gifts.

Curious about how gift card fraud works?

Gift Card Scams

Family Emergency Scam

Scammers will call pretending to be a family member or close friend and claim they need money to get out of trouble. These bad guys do their homework before calling and will know a lot about you or the person they’re pretending to be. You will be pressured to send money right away. Always check to ensure there is an actual emergency before sending money!

Here is some more information.

Fake Emergencies

The Federal Trade Commission provides information on the latest scams and how to avoid, report, and recover from them - have a looksie! You can also sign up for Consumer Alerts to receive emails about new scams and tips for avoidance.

Stay alert, ask questions, and fight back. Keep clicking for more of the good stuff.

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Scammers gonna scam... Let's fight back! If you have questions or comments, please contact us.



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