Customers in our communities are receiving fraudulent phone calls from fraudsters posing as bank employees. If it seems suspicious, simply hang up and call us directly. Click here to learn more.

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Security - It's A Priority

What if a bank had your back, not just your account? Welcome to the fraud squad.

At Westbury Bank, your information security is one of our top priorities. Our Fraud Squad has gathered information and resources to help you protect yourself and your personal information from scams and fraudsters. Your best defense against fraud is YOU – we encourage you to learn as much as you can so that you can recognize red flags and fight fraud. Take a look at what we are doing to protect you and your information.

Basic Security

To ensure the protection of your information, only employees who need your information to do their jobs will have access to any information you provide us. Our website is encrypted to ensure that information you enter can't be intercepted as it moves across the internet. Below are some aspects of our security system that are in place for customer identity protection.

Account Authentication

When registering your device with your online banking account for the first time, we activate your security questions that only you know the answer to. We strongly encourage you to not share the answers to these questions with anyone.

Automatic Log Out

We automatically log you out of online banking after 20 minutes to protect your information being seen or used by anyone other than you. You will be automatically logged out of our banking app after 10 minutes for the same reasons.

Account Monitoring

Westbury Bank monitors your accounts for potential fraud.

But wait, there's more! We're just getting started...

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We've got you covered! Reach out with any questions or comments.



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