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Security - Use Your Resources

What if a bank put in the work to make fighting fraud easier for you? Welcome to the fraud squad.

Scammers don't take a break and are always looking for new ways to trick you. To be honest, there is no way we could put all the nasty ways the bad guys have created to target you in one place - BUT, we have tried our best to give you as many resources as possible to continue your learning and fight back. Never forget, your best defense against fraud is YOU.

Learn more about fraud and scams at one of our community fraud seminars!

Report Fraud

Think you've been a victim of fraud? Don't worry, we're here to help. If you suspect fraudulent activity on your account, please contact us at 1-800-679-8287. Setting up mobile alerts on your bank account is simple and will help you spot suspicious activity like invalid logins, transactions, or fraudulent online charges.

You may wish to file a formal complaint or report a scam or consumer issue directly with the Federal Trade Commission's Complaint Assistant.

You can also report stolen identities and finances to the FBI'S Internet Crime Complaint Center by completing its IC3 Complaint Referral Form or through the Federal Trade Commission. Heck, why not both?!

To report elder fraud, contact the National Elder Fraud Hotline at 1-833-FRAUD-11 (1-833-372-8311).



Learn to protect yourself from identity theft and how you can stay in control of what goes on with your accounts. 


Resource Links

In no particular order, peruse these links as you continue your fight against fraud.

National Do Not Call Registry

Wisconsin Do Not Call Registry

FBI - Scams and Safety

FTC - Consumer Advice

Get Your Free Credit Report

IRS - Identity Theft Central

DATCP Home Consumer Protection

Military Consumer Protection

WI Consumer Agencies

WI Common Consumer Issues

WI Unemployment Insurance Fraud

DHS - Cybersecurity

CISA - Cybersecurity

CFPB - Consumer Resources

With our fraud-fighting powers combined, we are the Fraud Squad! 

Our Security Your Security Business Security Common Scams REPORT FRAUD

Stay safe in cyber space! Any further questions or comments, please contact us.


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